Age of Defenders

Created by: CUKETA

Age of Defenders is flash multiplayer tower defense game where you defend your base and at the same time attack your enemies.

Game features:
• Multiplayer tower defense mode for 2 players
• Five single player campaigns (Easy and Hard difficulty)
• 6 tower types for protection
• 6 unit types for conquering enemies
• Charming graphics
• Atmospheric music
• Amazing gameplay providing a lot of entertainment!

Motivatie: 1. unique idea - Age of Defenders is a multiplayer tower defense game, where you defend your base, but at the same time attack your opponent. And that is how we differ from hundreds of other tower defense games. It will no longer be the dummy computers to defeat. It will be other humans, with different tactics, but the same goal – to defend their base and to conquer you. We believe this idea will revolutionize the genre. 2. cross-platform gameplay - Another cool thing is that it is multiplatformer. That means iPad users will be able to play against Android users, or Blackberry users, or their friends on Facebook and so on. There are no strategy games that enable you to do this. 3. excelent flash graphics - Our testers played Age of Defenders and compared it a lot to C&C: Red Alert. Then they complained about right mouse button, which does not work here. Please be aware that our game is FLASH, runs in browsers and on tablets. You wont be able to use right mouse button. Ever:)

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