game in the city /2010


Created by: KOMODO Games

Winnaar: Special Award

Nominatie: Best Serious Game / Best Student Game / Special Award

Vogels! is a rehabilitation game that helps patients with a hemiplegia recover.

It was featured at the Cross Care Café and was playable at the Fesival of Games 2010, where it won the Diamond Trohpy, the ‘Best-of-Show’ Award.

The game, or rather the red bird in it, is controlled by a gravity-compensating supportive arm of which its position is tracked and ‘copied’ in-game. For each new game, the patient calibrates the game to fit the level of impairment of the patient. In-game, the patient flies, following a path, through various parts of the world and grabbing birds.

Motivatie: Vogels! is a game designed for a target audience that has played little to no games before or has been unable to play because of their physical handicap. The accessibility of Vogels! for a non-gaming audience is incredibly high due to its use of advanced, customly applicable technology and its simple, addictive game mechanic. This creates an immersive, but above all fun rehabilitation exercise. It helps patients with a hemiplegia recover.