game in the city /2010

Color Room

Created by: Monobanda

Nominatie: Special Award

This playful interactive room is a universe in itself. Visitors can take a remote control (Wii Remote) and use it to color the entire room and all its white decor pieces with brush strokes of light. Create your own spatial piece of art with the cardboard set pieces! The players can also be part of the artwork by putting on a white coat and act as an extra object in the colorful scenery.

Motivatie: Color Room is an ever evolving project challenging us to redesign and rediscover the work over and over again. We discovered that it is very magical and fulfilling to paint with light, especially for children. In a playful environment with real, tangible objects, children are invited to paint each other. It stimulates children to use their own imagination and creativity. Because of the simple interaction and easy access even parents enjoy playing it. The Color Room can be adapted to the atmosphere and surroundings of the available space and to a specific target audience.